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Creative and Budget-Friendly Ways to Revive an Old Sofa

Creative and Budget-Friendly Ways to Revive an Old Sofa


When we step inside a living room, the first thing that catches our attention is the sofa. It is basically the focal point of the room and is considered the central piece that directs the layout of the living room. Sofas can be really expensive and it is not all the time that we buy one. Purchasing a sofa is considered an investment. Therefore, when it comes to selecting, you need to be meticulous and make an informed decision so you don’t buy the wrong one for your living room.

If you are buying on your own, make certain that you have all the right information about what type of sofa is best for your space. If on the other hand, you want a new sofa, there’s a cost-effective and simple way to revamp an old one and make it look as good as new. That’s right! You don’t necessarily have to buy a new one to upgrade your living room or switch interior design styles. In this short blog, we’re going to walk you through the easiest and simplest ways to revamp a tired-looking sofa. Let’s jump right into it.

1. Clean It!


Perhaps one of the main reasons why sofas get worn down so easily is because it has accumulated a lot of dust and dirt over time. Sofas are hard to clean. Sometimes, when we clean it, we’re only actually cleaning the surface where the dirt is visible but there is deep-seated dust in the cushions or underneath the furniture’s structural frames. You have to deep-clean it every now and then and scrub all the dust that builds up in the sofa’s microfiber fabrics. Wipe any signs of a stain and finish it to cover the scratches.


2. Replace the Sofa Legs


If you want to change the look of your sofa, say make it appeal more traditional or transform it into a contemporary-looking one, simply replace the sofa legs. While many people think that the styles of sofas are best defined by their upholstery, they can also actually be seen on the legs. The legs are somewhat the exterior extension of a sofa’s frame. They tell a lot about a sofa’s history and design style. If you have an old and tired-looking sofa, changing its legs can make a big difference.


3. Reupholster


Reupholstering needs a bit more effort. You might need the help of a professional to do it. Only resort to upholstering if your sofa’s upholstery is really run-down and needs maximum fixing for it to look brand new. A newly reupholstered sofa feels as good as a custom-made one and it can surely last you for a long time which makes it a good investment as well.


4. Replace the Cushions


In cases where your sofa does not feel comfortable to sit on because of a run-down cushion, replace it! Aside from being pretty and presentable, a sofas’ most important characteristic is to be comfortable and cozy of course. Don’t even consider covering it up or reupholstering it if you have really bad and torn cushions in place.


5. Spruce Up with Pillows


This is perhaps the easiest and simplest way to add life to an old sofa. After you have fixed the legs, the cushion, and the covers, spruce it up with colorful throws for added visual appeal. Throw pillows are a sofas decoration item. It can easily make it cozy and comfy looking and on top of all, make your living room interior space pleasing to the eye.


6. Change the Sofa Cover


A simple slipcover may quickly transform the tone of the entire living room because color makes such a big impact.  the covering saves you money in the long run by allowing you to keep your old sofa." Instead of purchasing a new couch or having it reupholstered, simply remove the covers and wash or replace them. A washable slipcover is a terrific solution for keeping your sofa well-protected, whether it's old, new, or simply in need of a refresh.


Pros of Changing the sofa covers


  • Easy and simple

Using slipcovers is just as easy as changing your sheets or pillow covers. Unlike reupholstering, it’s something that you can do without any help.

  • Budget-friendly

Compared to other methods like reupholstering, and replacing cushions, using a sofa cover is by far the most cost-effective. You can have 3 or more sets of sofa covers and it still would be cheaper than reupholstering. On top of that, it’s very sustainable. You can achieve different sofa colors and styles anytime without spending a dime.

  • You can switch or change sofa covers anytime

Slipcovers are a quick and easy method to update your home's appearance. You may buy themed living room sets and switch them out when you want something new.

  • You don’t need to buy a new sofa, reupholster, or update the cushions

You can basically have a new sofa every month by simply replacing the sofa covers. No need to reupholster or buy a cushion!

  • You can easily mix and match styles and colors

The style and color of your sofa’s upholstery can affect the overall interior design scheme of your house. It can be challenging especially if you are someone who loves to try out different styles every once in a while. This is where slipcovers come in handy. With them, you can easily match the color and pattern of your sofa to your desired style.

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