Advance Customization

Custom Made Slipcovers

Let us create the sofa design of your dreams with our made-to-measure slipcover
Any Sofa, Any Design
Advance custom made slipcover

Why Hika Sofa Covers?

Happy couch
protect from pet

Make your sofa life-friendly
Our couch covers are machine-washable and come with a 3-year guarantee for peace of mind, making it perfect for homes with pets, kids and pizza parties.

Custom made sofa cover
gold custom slipcover
A perfect fit, guaranteed.
Our replacement covers are produced by the highest quality standards and are always beautifully made. All products are highly functional and comfortable.
How are they made? Find out here.


Send your sofa picture to us or CONTACT US to let us know your sofa brand We guide you through the process of measuring your sofa for the perfect, custom slipcover fit. Then, your design is painstakingly hand-drawn and triple-checked before any work begins.